ESP32 is comming

Espressif announced on 05/11/2015 the upcoming ESP32 chip:esp32ann


While the specs are impressive a lot of questions a rise :

  • Support – Espressif is a small company as far as we knew – would they be able to support both chips in the long term?
  • Compatibility with esp8266?  – The new ESP32 will use the RTOS based SDK and most APIs are said to be compatible with the esp8266 SDK.
  • Price – The price will be higher than esp8266  but not much higher.

Beta testing program is coming soon.

Olimex ESP8266 module – MOD-WIFI-ESP8266-DEV

I need a bigger flash and a breadboard friendly board. Quick research lead to the following variants, beside soldering a bigger flash on the ESP-XX series modules.

  1. NodeMCU board’s that have bigger flash and fit on a breadboard but have regulators and usb 2 serial on them.
  2. ESP-XX module with adapter,  don’t like .

And the winner is Olimex’s – MOD-WIFI-ESP8266-DEV .

i got some of them:


Cardboard boxes and the modules within packed in real anti static bags.



I’ve soldered the headers, with chip on top – looked natural. But the GPIO  silkscreen markings got hidden at the bottom of the module – i think it’s better for development to have them on top, shorted out text is OK.

oli3 oli4

There are  two rows left on both sides of the the breadboard.


So, let’s see what the extra flash is good for.

SSL – Is SSL the right solution for #IoT?

FOTA  – What about the FOTA upgrades security?

Going down the rabbit hole it seems that the MOST important and hard part of a IoT implementation is to get the security right. So the extra flash will present an opportunity to test to some ideas on how to do it. And we need it for the service we are building – it’s just vital to have and to have it right.

Rigol DS1054Z

I’ve got a new tool at the LAB!

The Box: rigol_ds1054z_box



The Tool:  rigol_ds1054z_web


Having an oscilloscope is just priceless. You may need it rarely but there are times when you are just lost blind  without it. The video lists all you should now about it and a bit more

If you are considering to get one and you are in EU. I can recommend – you will get a nice service there.

Still learning it features.

Three/Mono Phase Asynchronous Motor Simulator

When repairing stuff with a motor  the first question is:

“Is it the motor or is it the board that failed?”

For a recent Inverter Air Conditioner  board repair the following tool helped to answer that question.



Simulate the circuit

The circuit can act as Induction Motor aka asynchronous motor .

Inverter Air Conditioners which use AC motors take the 220V from the grid and turn them into about 150V three phase AC which drives the motor.

So to test if the board is OK, connect the device in the place of the motor and see if the leds are flashing. /If leds are placed in a nice circle you actually see how the motor rotates/.

You can test if the mono phase motor is powered too – only the leds flash two by two not in circle.

It can be build in quite small box and is handy when doing work on the field.