esp8266 UDP debugging

After a lots of lots of wasted hours  debugging an I2C driver it came out that the noise from the connected cheep USB2TTL converter is way too much. Would have lost months without the help of the new DS1054z scope i’ve got.

So i came up with this – a simple UDP debugging.

Simple socket to send udp messages.


Call dbg_udp_start(0) and you are ready to go. If you prefer not to flood your LAN with debug messages broadcasts then instead of 0 provide your workstation IP address.

Them usage is as simple as:

dbg_udp(“My debug message\n”);

You can go and wrap your os_printf or whatever calls to send via UDP too.

Viewing the log is done by any netcat alike.

nc -l -u -p 20202

It’s going to be handy when the UART is talking to other devices. You can even debug your devices over the internet this way.



Rigol DS1054Z

I’ve got a new tool at the LAB!

The Box: rigol_ds1054z_box



The Tool:  rigol_ds1054z_web


Having an oscilloscope is just priceless. You may need it rarely but there are times when you are just lost blind  without it. The video lists all you should now about it and a bit more

If you are considering to get one and you are in EU. I can recommend – you will get a nice service there.

Still learning it features.